The Beat Goes On

I’ve become accustomly numb To the drum beats of commercialism To the tempo of its jingles To the tremors of the economy So I haven’t changed a thing And I keep buying Coca-CoLane BryAunt JemIMAX Payne Killers Over and over until I die With doctor and family hoping for comfort With only moments of life left They make me numb. Is it robbery or humanity? Where’d my choices go? Why’d I defer so many to a collective corporate conscious?   Continue reading The Beat Goes On

The Curved Edge

You didn’t say janbiya, but I felt it on the back of my neck.  I, surprised as always, taut and learned from your sharp words cloaked in curves, look for a new path to burn.   It leads nowhere. I turn away From the realization that your lips form nothing but Promises, a carriage for indirect truths. I learn too— Ignore your curves, but not your slants. I can’t explain—everything I give you couldn’t—how the corners of the table Curve through the years. Pains, like edges,   Dull, and the knees of those groping through the dark will be Saved … Continue reading The Curved Edge


I take each moment under the microscope– Divide, maybe conquer. Each nerve Exposed to information, blind to pain, deaf to excuses, mindful, cynical, analytical. Competition graded my reflexes into smoothed highways. Ready to transport actions, transition to new positions, and Pounce on opportunities. I think about What could possibly be said to make the most Of my situation–only saying it when my gain is peaked. And when I talk to you, understand– Each moment, I’m trying to coolly, comfortably, Un-pressingly, steadily, considerately, clinically, Comically get you into bed, backseat, bathroom… But listen– You’ll keep coming back, because everyone else is … Continue reading 😉