Wrestling and literature decided to call it a draw after grappling for the forefront of Jason Cook’s mind.

When not annoying the wrestling or literary community by talking about my other passion, I enjoy thinking of myself as a poet who thinks about prose or possibly a novelist who procrastinates through poetry. Never at ease or with enough time absent of papers to grade, problems to grapple, or pop songs to parody, I show up to where I need to be with shoes tied but shirt untucked most of the time.

2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Not sure how you stumbled onto my site but came to check you out and glad I did. You have a really cryptic way of ‘communicating’ which I like 🙂

    Your book reviews …never read any review like that. Super !!! I will be browsing around on and off though right now .. supermarket calls. Will think of turtle doc 🙂

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