Vote so Hard FBI gonna indict me

I found the reallest lyrics Jay-Z and Kanye planned to perform at Hillary’s rally, but as the original is a French song, Hillary didn’t think it would fit the bill.


vote so hard The F-B-I may indict me

F-B-I best not try me

What’s 5-3-8 to a voter like me?

Can you please remind me?

vote so hard, election’s cray

Y’all don’t know about TPP

U-S could convert solar energy,

we’d still want our refineries

vote so hard, this year’s weird

He ain’t even supposed to be here,

vote so hard, since we here

It’s only what’s left to be fair

Hillary, I’m liable to go Rodham

Take your pick, Johnson, Donald, Clinton, this 96?

vote so hard, Comey’s on the clock, spit HRC terms like 2 pac

Elephants can never fly, donkeys soar through deadlocks

vote so hard, I’m all blue

Who’s supposed to be locked up soon?

She dons a cape while he might rape

Not flee to Paris like that Trumped up school

vote so hard,to inaugurate, USA not in its last days.

Gold coddles Pole models, spreadin’ race like mayonnaise

So vote so hard, Trump could rage, much love from the KKK

Clinton’s burroughs: movin’ back to Avenue PA

vote so hard the F-B-I may indict me


She asked Ye can I get elected in the fall?

I said look you gotta defeat that wall

Come and meet me in the voting stall

And show me why you deserve the west wing halls

vote so hard

‘lection day (‘lection day), ain’t it Jay?

vote so hard

What she order (what she order), pay for play?

vote so hard

Your whip so cold (minority whip so cold)

vote so hard

Act like you’ve never been governed by real people like this before

HRC, point your hand

This President don’t wanna dance

Excuse my French is your suit pants? (I’m just sayin’)

Bill Clinton’s ain’t do it right if you ask me

Cause I was him I would have married Katie Perry

Trump’s head’s a chinchilla

Supporters vanilla

Make up and gun conceala?

Why a jackass, DNC huh?

Trump Doctor say she illest

But she’s suffering from realness

Got my voters on canvas

And they going gorillas, huh!
[(Chazz) & Jimmy]

I don’t even know what that means.

(No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative)

No, it’s not, it’s gross

(It gets the people going!)

Click here for the original

One thought on “Vote so Hard FBI gonna indict me

  1. You are such a beautiful writer. Your poetry has touched me in ways no one else has. I’m so glad I’ve found a fellow dreamer to wander through this life with.

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