Stencil-it-in Politics

I made this Bernie Stencilers because he inspires me and represents institutional and societal change, 

so I could make stuff like this:


I then added this next part, as I am wary that my idealism may lead me to abandon the reality of a choice between horseshit and hero:

Though I wish Hillary could rise above partisan politics and become a beacon of idealism, she will get shit done because she’s a badass. She will make great choices when President because she has been wanting to be the first and best President all her life. 

A hero has a destiny, and though I don’t believe in fate, Hillary created her own destiny with goals. She has had advantages and setbacks like all heroes, whether they are Greek myths, American Folktales, or Luke Skywalker who kissed his sister. You don’t have to settle for a tie, but you do have to see what is in front of you. Do you want the hero who has worked toward a destiny her entire life, or do you want Falstaff? 

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