22 more Push-ups

If you came only for the video of me doing 22 awkward one arm push-ups, you can scroll to the bottom.

I’ve read a bit more about the suicides of Veterans, and I have learned that about 75% of them are committed by Veterans far removed from war. Obviously, 25% of them are a part of the problem that might be easier for us to imagine: a soldier returns home haunted. The other three quarters may highlight a problem that is more universal to all of us, and I hope that doesn’t take away from the problem young vets face.

Here is an interesting article talking about the statistic:

A misunderstood statistic: 22 military veteran suicides a day

Supporting veterans is always the right move, and because of this, it is an easy way to gain support. CNN posted a video about Donald Trump’s efforts to raise money for veterans. It included this graphic, and you can watch the video and read the article to clicking the picture.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 4.17.31 AM.png
Either the funds were not raised by Trump, they were raised and not distributed, or more likely, less funds were raised than reported while Trump’s business savvy somehow slouched when it came to giving money to people who need it.
To be fair, some money has been disbursed. As the video says, around $800,000 is verified, but skipping the debate to host a charity event now appears to be what many thought it was at the time: a chance to exploit veterans’ issues for self promotion.
This quote ends the article on CNN:
“Charities that have benefited from the fundraiser include Fisher House Foundation, Green Beret Foundation and Disabled American Veterans, while others, such as Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said they did not want to receive any of the contributions.”
If you are thinking that I am being a grumpy cat about all this when actual money was raised, I hear you; however, there are plenty of organizations that we can all donate to without going through Donald Trump. Here are two:
You can check out some information about their effectiveness here:

Oh, and here is the video of me doing 22 push-ups.

In my previous push-up post, I included links to donate to the Veteran’s Crisis Center. 

2 thoughts on “22 more Push-ups

  1. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day? Did this happen when there was a draft? No. Volunteers, willing to die on the front lines, are basically suicidal; and, this explains these suicides.

  2. If you look at the article I attached as a link, you will see that 75% of veterans are far removed from war, so these older vets may have been drafted into WWII or Vietnam.

    Perhaps there is a correlation between suicidal tendencies and armed forces enlistment, but I have not seen any research on the topic. Have you? That would be interesting to read.

    I think having an explanation, whether founded or unfounded, should only increase our likelihood to help veterans.


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