What I think about when I’m shopping at Pet Supplies Plus

Turtle doc, I can’t break out my shell, turtle doc.

Rat wheel, all this effort gets me there, rat wheel.

Spinning wheels are never made more clear. Yeah, that my friend,

yeah, that’s my rat wheel.

Climb aboard so your steps never move you ahead.

Whose lessons are we teaching?

Certainly not mine, if you’re not minding our turtle doc.

Can our turtle docs offer immunity to the rat wheel lives we spin

and do the tangled webs we tread lead us anywhere again?

Oh, turtle doc.

We made fun of rat tales as kids, so inevitably we spin

this repetitious wheel. Why do we buy rat wheels?

When the turtle docs finally finish their rotation,

We’ll slow down and take steps forward.

Sprint on the wheel. Sprint on the wheel. Roll yourself silly.

Tell me what I’m missing, turtle doc.

Turtle doc, I have to sit down and cry. Turtle doc, can you tell me why?

Turtle doc, I have to sit down and cry, and no one ever tells me why.

Is it because no one ever told me to jump off the rat wheel? Turtle doc,

why didn’t anyone tell me to step off the rat wheel? Turtle doc,

were we destined to die in the same place we started?

Were you and I destined to lie and say the wheel was worth it?

Many great items can be found at Petco.com, like the turtle dock and rat wheel from the poem: http://www.petco.com/product/12389/Zoo-Med-Turtle-Docks.aspx



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