“I was 19: 90’s Angst”


CHS held a Poetry Jam and Book Exchange last week, and so was I inspired to relate my experiences of teenage angst to the next generation. What do you think of the picture of a contemporary angst-riddle me? 


I have a nineteen ninety’s angst

relieved by dating women with Spanx.


I try holding them close—sieve full of sand—

all too much like a firecracker in hand.


And though I’ve accumulated fifteen reasons

to forget my parents’ nine and ninety treasons


I just can’t let go—


I drive down the road to find a new home

A Caesar whose 90s were his Rome.


Explosions of regret, guilt, and angst

since 99 a fuse has burned towards tanks,


gas ready to illuminate the sky like July, but

don’t tell me I’m a firework, Katy.


I can only hear Steve Perry, so

I’ll always hold on to these feelings.


Kittens purred when I cried in ‘95.

Millennial cats just hiss me in stride.


Smelly cat, oh smelly cat, I skinned you for your fur.

Us hipsters freeze, lacking heat with 90 bridges to burn.


I’d trade fifteen years of adult anxieties

To kiss my first taste of angst from the ‘90s.


alas, I have only words to jump these hurdles

written wearing t-shirts limned with Ninja Turtles.

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