Once you listen, Love will tell you this:

He is the ultimate meaning of matrimony.
He is your refuge of monogamy.

Your wedding vows should joke about dandelions roaring
and beaches with the whitest sand
upon which he’ll build a picket fence
to secure your dreams never escape.
Your roots will dig deep through sabulous soil
whose delicacy still springs tiger lilies and lust.

He’ll cry a crocodile tear, just as his best man raises his hand.
You’ll sign the dotted line as he
flutters a butterfly kiss that could smooth dry skin.
You’ll never have to be alone again.
You’ll never have to buy aloe again.

One thought on “Once you listen, Love will tell you this:

  1. I really like the separation of the first two lines as their own stanza. It makes me think about their meaning and their connection to the rest of the poem.

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