My second best Huck Finn song set to the tune of a Killers song

Step One: Play this song.

Step Two: Sing these lyrics louder than Brandon Flowers, but less Englishy since he is Mormon…I think.

Change the rules, once we owned freaking people!
Amend the gov, we were dumb
man, someday I’ll be a fan.
Humans still need a murder ban–
Lie if Jim needs it
Lie if Jim needs it
Don’t lose track
Of Huckleberry’s rearing
Courts and gov did nothing
We make up society
But we sit back religiously
Lie if Jim needs it
Lie if Jim needs it
Opponents are holding us back
to a past that is racist
Opponents are standing on backs
of the poor without giving rest
Will the river  cut us all down?
like banks cut that town down
Like the Banks™ cut that town down?
Lie if Jim needs it
Lie if Jim needs it
Lie if Jim needs it
Row row, row row row row
row is fightin’ oppression

2 thoughts on “My second best Huck Finn song set to the tune of a Killers song

  1. I like this. Let me tell u about who I am

    I am at my mothers.
    My mother lives in a trailer on Trumbull Avenue in Girard (Ohio)
    She is 320 pounds of pure fat.
    She used to be a whore.
    My mother would go from truck lot to truck lot selling her fat ass. I don’t know who. But she had many customers.
    She has been prison three times, for a total of four years.
    She is a painkiller addict. She loves oxies.
    She broke her leg once trying to get some oxies.
    It was stupid.
    She called me from the hospital, “Rocky, come to the hospital, visit your poor mother. I broke my leg.”
    I show up there. I took my time, I was in no rush. I would have not even went but I had the day off and had no excuse for not going.
    She said to me after the doctors left the room, “I got Ahab to hit my leg with a baseball bat, I was withdrawing and sick as dog, you know.”
    Ahab is my mom’s boyfriend.
    He is a huge fat black man. He is like 6-5 and 350 pounds. He is huge and fat and weird.
    He is also a painkiller addict.
    He has spent a total of six years in prison for dealing drugs. And I think he shot someone, but I’ve never asked.
    He works at a factory now.
    I am sitting at the kitchen table. My mother is sitting across from chain smoker. I take ten-minute breaks.
    She is also drinking a tall boy and she keep farting every three minutes. Almost on a cycle.
    While we are sitting here at the table.
    Ahab is in the living room watching television, also farting every three minutes. His are not synchronized with my mother’s though. So there is a fart approximately every minute and a half that takes place in the trailer.
    I look at my mother and say, “Mom, what’s the meaning of life?”

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