Ring in the New

Christmas bells ring, new fads dazzle our eyes. Drowning? Blame the market, or naively, Blame it on the younger generation. I take turns spurning and burning these things and wonder why they change when one thing— Blame the victim—has yet to be passé. We ask her what she did, then what she wore. I guess it keeps us moving, so she won’t have to change anything more than skinny jeans, wire frames, slap bracelets, yoga pants, water bras, chic make-up. Maybe fads make liberty ring in her ears. Continue reading Ring in the New

My second best Huck Finn song set to the tune of a Killers song

Step One: Play this song. Step Two: Sing these lyrics louder than Brandon Flowers, but less Englishy since he is Mormon…I think. Change the rules, once we owned freaking people! Amend the gov, we were dumb man, someday I’ll be a fan. Humans still need a murder ban–   Lie if Jim needs it Lie if Jim needs it   Don’t lose track Of Huckleberry’s rearing Courts and gov did nothing We make up society But we sit back religiously   Lie if Jim needs it Lie if Jim needs it   Opponents are holding us back to a past … Continue reading My second best Huck Finn song set to the tune of a Killers song

Two Cows

Two cows craned through barb wire next door to the steakhouse. Pasture wasn’t good enough today.   We waited for our meal, argued which is better, food grown up on or what you claim yourself.  I found   This place of formal dates, anniversaries of quieted plea. Confess the best nights are spent and left alone.   Cows startle seldom, avoid barbs but chew. We just laugh a little louder each year.   Continue reading Two Cows

Autumn falls upon Us

our fall leaves green seasons. fiery yet controlled burns leave a smoldering mine. the ash bores fall into mind, with an arch a typically undefeated bole escalates through the cold. our august desires warp like broken bones and boughs of death that grace our soon frozen town. skeletons emerge to costume youth’s frown and grace the molt of newly naked poplars’ brown decay of summer on the ground. cleanliness is godliness. are those the words you said? rakes manipulate as pants capitulate coldly.  Later we give offerings to the emblems of our end, prompted only by three words. the trick … Continue reading Autumn falls upon Us