How’d Max Do It?

Wild things have toe nails and their fingers end in tips
Their hair flies quick in whips
And looks quite nice with blood-red lips
Wild things have ear rings as their fingers sometimes do
Their eyes are often blue
To match their mood soon spread to you
Wild things show their bellies as they poke your tummy
Their feet can be dirty
Cuz shoes don’t fit feet so filthy
Wild things have legs they barely cover with fish nets
Their chests are jeweled in sweat
So you hunt for them to get wet
Wild things have boobies and they’ll use them to get fare
Their thighs and such are bare
Cuz clothes stifle all their hot air
Wild things have baggage that they’ll unload at your door.
Their elbows may be sore
From sprouting wings to score a soar
I stumbled upon an article about the madman genius Maurice Sendak.  It has one of the greatest pictures of all time accompanying it.   Check it out on the link.

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