I dropped a penny on a copper table Sibilant sprinkled sound took hold of a young woman She snapped her head into a wooden flower pot that made all too metallic of a noise not to laugh at. Maybe it was the echo of the penny, or maybe she only measured ideas by change they made Continue reading Copper

How’d Max Do It?

Wild things have toe nails and their fingers end in tips Their hair flies quick in whips And looks quite nice with blood-red lips   Wild things have ear rings as their fingers sometimes do Their eyes are often blue To match their mood soon spread to you   Wild things show their bellies as they poke your tummy Their feet can be dirty Cuz shoes don’t fit feet so filthy   Wild things have legs they barely cover with fish nets Their chests are jeweled in sweat So you hunt for them to get wet   Wild things have … Continue reading How’d Max Do It?

The Curved Edge

You didn’t say janbiya, but I felt it on the back of my neck.  I, surprised as always, taut and learned from your sharp words cloaked in curves, look for a new path to burn.   It leads nowhere. I turn away From the realization that your lips form nothing but Promises, a carriage for indirect truths. I learn too— Ignore your curves, but not your slants. I can’t explain—everything I give you couldn’t—how the corners of the table Curve through the years. Pains, like edges,   Dull, and the knees of those groping through the dark will be Saved … Continue reading The Curved Edge