Tomorrow Never Comes

Cramped feet print the shield Loose rings stab my back   Cracked glass still fogs Smudged mirrors don’t hold fast   Fingers attach to hips and clutch like doors latch   Flanked teeth mirror reflecting moons Past lips that quiver just as toes and thighs do   We make out with the radio on We go in after the heat’s gone off   I know I can’t go on forever, But maybe you’ll be the one who does   Tomorrow never comes When today is celibate Continue reading Tomorrow Never Comes

Gatsby? What Gatsby?

Dance with me at Gatsby’s I’ve never been to Charleston, But I’ve heard what they say, Just step and kick and you’ll look slick.     Dance with me at Gatsby’s My eyes are like a doctor’s When upon you, they can’t blink.     Dance with me upon my dreams. Make it quick before they sink.     Dance with me at Gatsby’s He’ll bring the bootleg, You’ll bring the gams, And I’ll bring two left feet.     Dance with me at Gatsby’s I don’t know a soul here, You don’t have a sole idea Better than me … Continue reading Gatsby? What Gatsby?