Clockwork Mantis

There are few things one can work harder for than the chirp of the crowd: the sound of a crowd watching in recognition of a hand raised inevitably.  Only a true victory can eliminate its own noise.  Make it devoid of any triumphant calls or cheers.  The chirp of the crowd can only be earned by the work put in when most are letting the real crickets make the only noise.  An extra run through the dark morning or night; more importantly, extra work in a wrestling room more apt to be a basement storage facility than victory celebration site.

Everyone envisions the roar of the crowd: a victory lauded by all.  Everyone trains to win the big one, the title to celebrate.  What we get is crickets, if you earn those crickets.  You have to win, and win in a way that excites no one, that destroys the confidence of your opponent.  That’s what brings out the crickets.  Make everyone in the gym know you are the better man.  Do it in a way that leaves no doubt.  Make everyone know the result five minutes before it happens.  Surprise no one.

A Clockwork Mantis can even kill the chirping crickets that celebrate a one-sided win.  A Clockwork Mantis is wound up to do the task at hand.  It kills each chirping cricket by killing suspense.  Those crickets that are left don’t have the guts to make a noise.

I want to be a Clockwork Mantis.  I want to program myself to react perfectly.  I want to execute instinctively.  I want to overpower the opposition by being perfect.  I want to do this all, but against more than crickets.  Hawks, Lions, Bucks, Cows…

One thought on “Clockwork Mantis

  1. i myself love the firemans carry manuever i think it really tests a mans limits as to what he can really lift!! i myself lifted a friend of mine who weighed 127kg over my shoulder into firmans carry move last year and i have a picture to prove it!!

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