By any other name would smell as sweet.

J anuary had always been a depressing month for Jason.

A lways cold–no– always bitter.

S uddenly a warm front came in, in the form of a 5’3 and 1/4 hyperbola-like Siren.

O nly six more weeks of winter, thought Jason as he broke up with her.

“N ever again,” he lied.


E ager to here the results of the operation,

D ad leaned forward in the unpadded chair.

“W hile everything was done that could be done…I’m so sorry.”

A dvice was sought from this messenger, but all he was

R eady to offer was,

“D eath is an abstract concept.”

C onfidence is an often ill-gotten trait.

O blivious to this, Mr. Cook sought to instill it in his classes.

O bituaries reading “Beloved Son,” “Daring Princess,” and “Incorrigible Optimist” riddled newspapers.

K indness was taught instead.

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