Scarlet J

Author’s Note: Scarlet Johansson is really, really ridiculously good looking.


Hitch my desire, my ironclad addiction,
To your body in rhapsody.
Hitch my body, the pig, clutching rust,
To you—prestige, a pearl, a perfect island,
A whisper, a wail, a good woman.
You have just cause to dismiss me,
A short legged freak in his ghost world.
But—I’m just not that into spirits,
As I’ve always admired your flesh.
Yet, I’d purchase what’s under your skin
Because a love song for a good woman
Should scoop deeper than the flesh
To avenge a personality lost in translation,
Your personality, ardently transcribed from sexuality.
Pressure mounts like match point, and still
I never predicted you would come to want more.
Me, the vagabond, blinded by a simple ambition,
To hitch up a good woman for once,
To cock the gun, empty the chamber
But leave no Black Dahlia.
You, in shoes, too tall to see my face,
Too tall to see the disgrace of my simple ambition,
Too tall to know the place of my desire.
You waited for a pearl earring from a man who wasn’t there.
Only one of many of my low disgraces
I’ve left unspoken to sunken un-expectant faces
When the lonely plunge off their island,
Short-sighted, heavy limbed, treasuring you
The swimmer, and sink you—another pearl
For the depths, because all the pages of my diary
End with the signature of a loner.

One thought on “Scarlet J

  1. i wrote a poem, too:

    there once was a man from nantucket
    who would tell the crowd they could suck it
    and then his wife totally ruined the company

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