Poetry Contest Entry 1

Where you been? Where you headed?”
My new nowhere is now here—
Found it under your collar.
But now it flits past your ear
Sweeps past my pinky
Ducks your ear lobe
Wisps through hair
fluttered and red—
Tickles my lips
As they near your pale neck,
Unfreckled, fragrant, unfragile.
Now nowhere ceases to be.
My next nowhere will bounce—
It can’t stay late tonight.
It will sink, burrow, coil,
Hesitate, then run.
Your smile will do the same.
Nowhere will stall begore it goes,
Lingering between each knee.
My smile will do the same.
Then nowhere will walk out the door.
Into a night sky nightmare.
And you’ll do the same.
Chasing a new nowhere.

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