Poetry Contest 2

I posted this before, but I have edited it a bit. Thanks to those who helped me do so.

“Turn it Over”

Look out upon the American Dream—
Scattered, diffused, withered by fear.
Objections, rejections, neglections—both cause and
Symptoms that emblazon our TVs—enslaving,
Plowing each generation under so many layers,
Media, medication—more and more available,
More and more untrustworthy.
I, myself, have fantasized about Nihilism, but it’s gotten me nowhere.
Though people have escaped the sites where this all began,
Refuges camp within a confine of .com, cool, and/or counter-cool.
New shadow factories now construct huge chimneys
That reach far into the sky, clouding out reason.
“Professor, how come this class hasn’t changed with our changing needs?”
“The class is how it should be. Our basic human needs are the same.”
I mind back to Kahneman…Some cognitive illusions are more pernicious than others.
And then Professor added, “Let us begin, now, after all, everything is transitory.”
“Then why aren’t you, Professor?”
I want to be offered something new.
Something challenging—Profess “Has the vision
Of your hearts become blinded? Unlearn
What you learned, if that knowledge already brought you here.”
Instead he simply deferred.
So it is up to the next.

“The longer you look at an object
the more abstract it becomes.
Abstractions, by definition, are not concrete.
Abstractions are easy to change.
Our mental tools shape, mold, deconstruct.
If we look at every object longer
And longer—more and more abstract.
Unleash mental tools—sledgehammer, crowbar, club, spade.
Unlearn thought control politics—unlearn to become undone.
Object to a system that refuses to change.
You are not beautiful as you are—because you are not yet done—
As society is not yet done.
Become undone—so we can do something new.
We will show Professor he’s been proven untrue.
We will tell the world something Paine knew was true.
These are the times that try men’s souls.
If there must be trouble, let it be in my time, that my child may have peace.
Though we be children, we are not Isaac,
Seeking a goat only makes us Abel.
It takes a village—we are all society’s keepers
And we will deliver a thoughtful revolution.”

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